I have recently had open heart surgery and I now suffer from muscle inflammation. Pain I can not even begin to describe. After my first visit with Daniel I almost wanted to cry because not even the medication I am taking does wonders like Daniel does. I went back a week later for another one. Trust me I will be going back again soon and recommending my friends and family to Manospa to go see Daniel. 

You arrive there with a relaxing odor in the salon, greeted with water and a lemon wedge, some chocolate and a very professional person. If I do not get up almost right away after my massage, my room will be occupied till the next day because I am just so relaxed I do not want to get back up. Merci pour toute Daniel. 

Tammy Floyd :o)

I began to see Daniel to deal with daily headaches from everyday stress and help enhance relaxation. I can say without a doubt that Daniel’s massage technique is the best I have ever experienced. What I appreciate most is the fact that he takes the time to ask if you have any specific areas you would like him to work on. I still can’t believe his intuitive sense; he is right on target with the varying pressure he uses from one body part to another. 

The heated blankets are an added ‘feel good’ touch which really top it off for me! Daniel’s treatments are therapeutic and relaxing which is why I will continue to recommend his services to my friends and family, but most of all…to myself!!! I am so fortunate to have found such an amazing massage therapist like you Daniel! Thank you!


Seriously, you owe it to yourself to get a massage from Daniel.  In the past, I thought that I never was one to actually need a massage until my girlfriend convinced me to go. Once he is done with you, you just want to lay on the table and not move.  It’s like you died and went to heaven!  He also adapts himself to you.  Easy-going and mild when all you need is full-body relaxation.  The difference is at times, I need a more ‘aggressive’ massage due to back pain.  Not many therapists can really ‘get in there’ and unwind the knots but this guy can.  Very therapeutic. Thanks a million Dan! John C

Even before I step foot into “Manotherapie”, the mere though of my upcoming massage session with Daniel puts me in a more relaxed frame of mind. I enjoy the entire experience – his attention to details, the warm rooms, the calming ambiance, timely service and Daniel’s positive energy. Plus the fact that multiple senses are engaged during each visit, including:

Smell – fragrant scents greets you the moment you enter the spa
Sound – restful music plays during the massage session
Sight – soothing images of waterfalls and fishes swimming in the ponds (he even has live fishes in his pond – ask him to show you when you visit him (if the pond is not frozen over) – the fishes are colourful)
Feeling – the right touch that hits the right spot to get rid of the tensions in the muscles
Taste – refreshing water , with a fresh lemon wedge, to hydrate the body before and after a massage

It’s been about 3 years since I first visited “Manotherapie” and I still eagerly look forward to my regular visits as I leave with not only my body rejuvenated but my soul lifted.

If you are looking for a massage that goes beyond the normal massage experience, pay Daniel a visit – it’s totally worth it.

Sam T

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I made an appointment with ManoSpa because I was suffering with a shoulder injury which was diagnosed as “frozen shoulder” (adhesive capsulitis) by a sports medicine doctor at Carleton University. Because this was an injury that could take up to 2 years to resolve itself, therapeutic massage was recommended to ease the affliction. I was not referred to ManoSpa, but rather saw the sign on my way home from work, and just thought it was a convenient match.

I am so thankful I did! I have had professional massages before, but never had I felt the relief that followed Mr. Leblanc’s special approach to my particular injury. Daniel is professional, creative and genuinely engages his therapeutic skills in order to resolve the chronic and often acute pain associated with this injury. I am convinced that my visits to ManoSpa fast-tracked my recovery. I am 100% pain-free now and work out on a regular basis, which was something I was no longer able to do because of my injury. 

I continue to be amazed at my shoulder’s range of motion. Daniel Leblanc is a one-of-a-kind massage genius, and I recommend him to everyone I know with a back, neck or shoulder complaint. He will need to print more business cards soon! 

Lisa A. Fisher

The Senate of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Manospa is a great place for rejuvenation and I always come early to enjoy the peaceful garden before treatment. Daniel is very professional and uses non chemical products for massage. Manospa is hard to beat! 

Lili W Ottawa

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